How not to rock colored hair

Whether your favourite colour is pink, green, purple or blue, fashion has so evolved that you can now rock it, as your hair colour.

Tiwa and Toolz How not to rock colored hair

Black hair is becoming less stylish as people prefer to rock coloured hair, but of course there are going to be individuals that overdo it and appear like party clowns.

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While there are a plenty of friendly guidelines, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to hair and makeup.

So here’s how to look sane while rocking that coloured mane.

MAKEUP: Makeup properly done, contributes to enhancing your features, concealing imperfections and complimenting your skin tone. You should not just blindly follow colour trends. Instead, pick colours that are in perfect harmony with your hair and as much as you want to look fly and all, do not overdo the eyeshadow and the likes. Your hair already stands you out, so go easy on the makeup except you’re an Instagram model. If you’re not, neutral is the way to go.

For blonde hair, do soft tones and pastel shades. These work best for blonde hair as dark tones create a stark contrast.

Mercy Aigbe How not to rock colored hair

For Medium brown hair: Since your hair colour is not as deep as black or brown shades, you should apply shades that correlate with your skin tone. You can also experiment by not going for the regular nude shades.

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For honey coloured hair, you can play with colours that aren’t overly bright.

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For magenta hair, Since the hair colour itself is so bold, tone down your makeup during the day time. Go for black eye liner and nude lipstick during the day time. For the night, you can add a splash of red or pink to your look.

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CLOTHES: Too many color combos make you look freakish. Try wearing one color or at most two colors as the goal is to not look like a clown. An LBD or any black/white outfit and other neutral and not too bright colors would do.

ACCESSORIES:  It can be very tempting to overdo, but this is not the time to pack on various accessories. Try minimalizing. Remember less is more and you would still look as stylish as you want…

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…not every time packing on those accessories.

Accessories How not to rock colored hair


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