Top 5 S3xual Fantasies ALL Men Have

I can categorically beat my chest that out of the 5 things listed below, at least 3 of the fantasies here are dreamt of by ALL men (Pastors, Imams, and even fags included).

Most men are coy about talking about their s3xual fantasies because they would be deemed as perverts if women hear it, no woman wants to hear her husband or boyfriend say his fantasy is to have an orgy(not all men are into orgies) because she would feel she’s not enough for her man but the truth is its not about her not being enough, it’s about the man just having fantasies.

1. HAVING A THREESOME: Right there, spot-on at the top, baby! A man loves to have a threesome. And coming to think of it, I don’t know if there’s one man alive who doesn’t want to have a threesome. I’m sure even Adam was frustrated with the Big Guy because Eve wasn’t enough for him. Some men say they want to have sex with two women because they want to brag about it, but I don’t think that’s the truth. If it’s just a case of bragging, then they wouldn’t want to fantasize about the sex. They would rather fantasize about the bragging part.

Men think a woman’s body is the best-looking thing they’ve ever seen (don’t women say the same thing?), so seeing two girls all over each other in such proximity is just way too hot, in a completely delightful sexual way! This is one thing all men like in bed, no exceptions!

2. BANGING A PROSTITUTE: I don’t know too many men who have the money to drive down a dark corner and pick a girl up. And even the ones who do want to do that are quite afraid, what with all the sexual diseases scare going on around us! I know, I know, women think their man’s sexual fantasy of banging a hooker is disgusting, but come on, this is a man thing, and so women have just got to accept it.

Men run behind women almost all the time they’re awake, so when they can get laid a few minutes into the talk, sometimes even less, it’s thrilling. The man is officially the cheap man’s James Bond once he hooks a hooker. But when he doesn’t have what it takes to pick her up in the first place, he sexually fantasizes about the prostitute scenario. His girlfriend may very well be the prostitute in his fantasy!

3. LADIES WHO ARE OFF LIMIT: What men like in bed are off-limits women. Men love what they can’t have. But they still try. And that’s why a few women call men ass wipes. I don’t know why, but men find the thought of hooking up with a woman who is off-limits extremely attractive and arousing.

4. EXOTIC LOCATION S3X: The lives of many men turn out to be quite boring, as the relationship wears on happily. Most of them stare at the same patch on the wall every single time they have sex with their woman. And for a few more unfortunate souls, there’s even a fixed time frame to have sex. Yikes! So what do men do?

They dream about making love at some other time of the day, in some other part of the house. And if their sexual fantasies are on a high, they drift away to some beach resort, a parking lot, or a club. When it comes to screwing a girl in his sexual fantasies, the world is his oyster. But this is great for the couple, his libido surges on a high if he’s having sex and thinking about that new spot he dreamt of earlier that day.

5. ROLE PLAYING: Men love role-playing. It’s like getting to sleep with different women in different scenarios. If a guy’s girl isn’t too keen on playing a stewardess or an air hostess, all he has to do is imagine a sexual fantasy of role-playing. If you’re wondering what men like in bed, bring out your nurse or cheerleader dress and watch the sheets rise in the middle faster than you can say boing!


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