Tips All Men Should Start Ignoring

We’ve all heard some bizzare tips that we all assume works but in reality they don’t. We’ve all heard that rubbing mentholated spirit on your cheeks make you have bards, we’ve also heard that the more you shave the more beards will pop out. Obviously those are lies, and here are 10 more grooming tips you need to stop.

beard man groom Tips All Men Should Start Ignoring

1. Using your wife’s skincare products even though you’re a dude – regardless of the quality, men’s and women’s skin is different so the product needs to be specifically created for men.

2. Assuming there is no difference between bar soap and face wash – bar soap is abrasive and will strip the moisture out of your facial skin.

3. Believing that shaving is a great way to make the hair grow thicker – it doesn’t work that way. You have what you have.

4. Washing more because you are experiencing acne — actually only wash morning and night.

5. Not moisturizing because you have oily skin – every face needs to be moisturized. There’s a difference between oil and moisture.

man beards grooming Tips All Men Should Start Ignoring

6. Thinking safety razors give worse burns than cartridge razors – actually, this is further from the truth! The single blade shave reduces friction and burns as well as ingrown hairs, razor burns, and bumps.

7. Shaving against the grain – a red irritated bumpy face will result!

8. Asking for your girlfriend or wife to shave your back – not sexy!

9. Shaving your eyebrows or uni-brow – pluck instead

10. Needing a big, thick lather for a close shave – it will create less contact resulting in a less smooth, less close, and less amazing shave.


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