Sleep is something that the body desperately craves, anytime, any day. Some can survive with more, while some can function with less. It allows the body to relax and recharge, in preparation for the next day’s activities. This act is sometimes described as a hobby to many, and they have taken sleeping to a whole new level. There are side effects from not getting enough sleep, however, there are also side effects from getting too much sleep.

Tiredness and Obesity

It might seem extremely weird, but getting too much sleep can actually make you feel more tired. This is because the longer you sleep, the lower your body temperature becomes, which ultimately leads to extreme tiredness when you wake up. Unfortunately, with oversleeping, you are more at risk of obesity because it takes your body longer to recover from the excessive sleep and begin burning calories throughout the day.


Depression is a common disadvantage to those who oversleep. This might be because of the fact that the longer you sleep, the less activity you are getting, thus a decreased amount of endorphins (feel good hormones) to fuel your mood. When you wake up from a long sleep, you feel misplaced for a while, having a harder time getting energy for your day and you might become withdrawn and anti-social as a result.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

A rather large amount of people with these conditions have a habit of sleeping too much. A simple fact is that obesity is a risk for those who overdose on sleep thus putting any person at risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.


This is a rather common feature from sleeping too much. Sleeping for too long has a negative impact on the neurotransmitters in your brain that are active during sleep, which causes you to wake with a throbbing migraine or pounding headache. Making the beginning of your day to be very traumatic.

Back pain

Slept too long and woke with a sore back? Well, that’s what too much sleeping does to you. Back pain usually comes from not being still for a long time, added with staying in an uncomfortable position. These factors mean many people awake with worse back pain especially when spending longer amounts of time in bed.


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