The pros and cons of going without makeup

A number of Hollywood celebs have been spotted without makeup, and a good many of them appear gorgeous and stunning even with their skin absolutely bare and rid of cosmetics. For my Nigerian female celebrities, it’s a rarity for that to happen. What female celebrity can do what Alicia Keys did? have a complete turnaround from makeup.

For some people, they refuse to go without makeup because they don’t want to look like mgbekes(village girl). But why would you refer to your natural face like that? I believe you should take care of your skin so that you can feel comfortable without piling on several makeup products on your face.

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Every woman wants the ability to look flawless with or without makeup following closely after wanting to eat everything without adding weight. To look flawless and have a smooth looking face with or without makeup; a clean, clear, plumped up skin is a requirement.

The Pros of no makeup

Confidence without makeup isn’t farfetched, you should start to develop such confidence. Below are some of the advantages:

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1. Your skin has space to breathe:Sooner or later because your skin can breathe better, you have less blemishes to cover up. You start to glow up and your skin looks ad feels more healthy.

2. Self love & appreciation: When you start to worry less about how to paint yourself prettier and start to be confident in your insecurities, peoples opinion matter less because whether you like it or not, women wear makeup to look good so as to seem impressive both to women and men alike. When you become cormfortable without makeup, trust me your self confidence takes a boost.

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3Say hello to clear, smooth skin:For senstive, acne prone skin, minimal makeup is highly advised. Staying away from makeup, allows you take care of you skin properly thus giving you a better chance to enjoy a blemish-free skin.

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4. You save time and money: No need to spend money that could be saved or given out on expensive concealer, brushes and the rest. Plus think about the rest you’d have without having to rush everyday to work. An extra hour to sleep and extra cash in your pocket sounds like a great idea.

The Cons of going makeup free

Of course I do not forget to mention the downsides.

  1. No more coverup: Makeup is useful for hiding skin irregularities and blemishes, without it, all your blemishes would shine through. Paying attention to beauty rituals and good skincare habits is must here, so the need to hide some blemish lessens.
  2. You wouldn’t be able to transform your looks: Girls want slimmer cheek bones, fuller lips or whatever the beauty standard for that moment says. If you’re makeup free you wouldn’t be able to achieve that fierce sexy or girly look.

3. You might seem paler in photographs: Not to worry with sexy filters, your looks can be altered. Although you must work on getting a naturally glowing skin which works by turning around your lifestyle. Get plenty of good nutrition from your diet, lots of water, and regular exercise.


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