The Latest Pepsi Inspired Makeup

Makeup has been the go-to form of artistic expression for many makeup artists but it seems that by recent trends and happenings it’s taking on wings and soaring. Chika Winifred; Nigerian Mua and an obvious lover of popular soft drink brand Pepsi took this to a whole new level. With her mantra; Create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others. Which she definitely did with this art form.

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Right from the wavy brow, lip and eyeliner inspiration, we’re all on feet to what’s going to come next, at least I know I am. I must say Makeup can do it all and we’re yet to see the boundaries it’s going to sail through.

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She rocks a Pepsi logo inspired makeup look. This beautiful girl decided to explore the realms in which makeup can go and I must say she carries out the job exquisitely well. Blue, red, and even white eyeshadow colors are utilized skillfully for this look. Makes us thirst for Pepsi even more. It just remains for Pepsi to sign her as one of their brand ambassadors. Pepsi comes through! What do you think folks? is this girl setting a new trend and giving makeup a whole new definition?


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