The Best Face Beauty care regimen to follow

During the weekdays there is barely time to care for our face. But not to worry the weekend is an appropriate time for you to try out the regime that would work best for your face.

Here is a list of beauty care regime to try out this weekend

  • For effective result: While you’re sleeping at night, your body is hard at work repairing weakened muscle fibers and regenerating skin cells. This is the most appropriate time to apply your beauty products for whatever beauty routine you have started. Because the night is your body’s prime recovery time, a big chunk of your 24-hour routine should be focused here.
  • For smooth plum lips: Apply vaseline on your old toothbrush and scrub the lips gently, it peels off the dead skin on the lips and moisturizers it, it advisable to do this before going to bed. Also, sugar can be used to exfoliate your lips giving it a pinkish tint.
  • For smooth, supple and glowing skin:
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  • Exfoliate, this is a very important procedure. Before applying any beauty product on your face, make sure to exfoliate. It gives your skin that natural glow. I strongly advise home remedies for exfoliating because it doesn’t have adverse effects like chemical products.
  • To Fight underarm odor: Dilute a little vinegar in water, dip a cotton swab into it and apply over the underarm area. You can also use baking soda and water and apply also to the underarm region.
  • For white shining teeth:
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  • I recommend this simple yet effective home remedy: Baking soda, this kitchen product helps lighten teeth overtime.
  • For younger-looking skin use a sulfate-free cleanser: Sulphate cleanser strip off vital moisture and nutrients from your skin, so look out for them and avoid them.
  • For dark circles: To get rid of dark circles under the eyes, but black tea bags in the fridge. Once they are cold enough, take them out, and keep them on your eyes. Let them stay for 10 minutes and remove them. Regular application of this will help remove the dark circles completely while leaving your eye relaxed.
  •  Always use an eye cream: This important organ in your body is easy to neglect especially during your face regime. Don’t avoid this vital part, get a gentle, non-allergic eye cream that contains retinol, peptides, vitamin K and/or vitamin C. These agents will reduce pigmentation, improve blood circulation and reduce fine lines, giving your under-eye skin a much-needed rejuvenation.
  • Pay attention to moisturizing your skin:
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Regardless of how oily your skin is, you must moisturize it at night. When you’re done with all your beauty rituals make sure to moisturize. This would ensure that your skin gets the proper nourishment it needs. It helps slow down the aging process and helps avoid acne development. Shea butter and coconut oil are great home ingredients you can try out.


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