Makeup products that should be found in your makeup bag

Makeup is basically a tool to enhance your look, but in as much as it ‘s a tool, it shouldn’t be abused. Always go for flattering makeup products, from your eyeliner to foundation down to your lipstick, always strive to achieve the natural look. As an aspiring baby girl, you have to own a makeup purse, if you don’t own one then you have a long way to go.

Here is a list of makeup products that your makeup bag must contain.

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1. Concealer: using a stick/ liquid concealer, covers dark under-eye circles and blemishes on your face. So without saying this makeup product is a must have. You can blend them with your fingers or a flat, skinny brush.

2. Foundation: One basic makeup essential everyone thinks of first is foundation because it evens out your skin tone and gives you a flawless complexion.

3. Mascara: For outstanding eyelashes, mascara is a must have. It would give your eyelashes a lengthier look. Go for the water proof types. Mascara’s come in different colors like brown, blue, purple etc.

4. Eyelash Falsies: Human hair falsies give your eye’s that sultry look for either a day look or an evening look. So for a more dramatic look, wear a falsy.

5. Primer: If you have an oily skin, this makeup product is a must have, it acts as a mattifier, allows your makeup last longer almost throughout the day.

modern renasaiance palette Makeup products that should be found in your makeup bag

6. Eye shadow palette: This is a basic item that every makeup lover should have. To give your eyes that colorful pop, an eyeshadow palette should be on your list.

7. Eye liner: For a dramatic boost for your eyes, black liquid or gel liner is the way to go. For the sexy sultry cat eye look, apply it judiciously on your eyes, or dot them between your upper lashes to make them look fuller.

8. Eyebrow pencil: This is to draw your brows giving your face a more defined look. This is a must have for every makeup enthusiast.

9. Lipstick: Goes without saying, This is a makeup essential that every lady must own in different shades like nude brown/pink, red, purple etc, go wild there are a host of colors to pick from to enhance your looks. I particularly like matte lipstick as they last really long and stain less.

10. Makeup wipes: You might not always have access to soap and water, or whatever you use to remove your makeup but wipes are more hands-on. You could carry them in any bag to anywhere. For easy removal of your makeup or to make a correction to any mistake on your face always carry one around.

11. Blush: For therosy-cheeked, healthy look a blusher is the way to go. Be it a cream blush or powdered just make sure it matches your skin tone.

12. Makeup Brushes: This items make your makeup application a whole lot easier and also give you the apt look you want to achieve. If you don’t already have this in your makeup bag, what are you waiting for?.

13. Highlighter: Gives you an instant glowy look. For that instant shine, this item is a must have.

14. Powder:  Last but not the least, this item is the most important and can be used as a substitute for some makeup items that you might lack. Using the right powder shade for your face gives your makeup a light shiny finishing look.


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