Makeup App to Reveal What Women Look Like Without Makeup

Makeup has become a second skin for many women both at home and abroad. My contour and foundation artists, news on the street is that men can no longer be deceived with your slimmer looking and blemish-free face. To see your real face is just a click away. Hopefully divorce directly linked to a man being led to believe you look a certain way would reduce, no need for her to sleep over again, just take a selfie and viola! you see her real face.

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Some people wear makeup for the creative artistry of it, some because it makes them feel beautiful and confident. Some feel a societal pressure to wear it. Different women have their reasons for applying makeup. This app has been met with both negative and positive criticism.

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MakeApp is the brainchild of once-Kremlin-linked, Russian founder Ashot Gabrelyanov. Called MakeApp, the app lets you un-makeup five photos for free before asking you to pay $0.99 to continue editing images and videos.

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Its Apple Store description reads, “MakeApp lets you add or remove makeup from any face! Choose a photo or video, press one button and let the app do its magic!” In an interview with Business Insider, the app’s creator, Ashot Gabrelyanov, says he developed the technology to help authorities recognize victims of human trafficking. “In most of these cases, makeup is heavily used to disguise the age and/or identity of these people,” Gabrelyanov said. “If human traffickers can hide these victim’s identities, their chances of rescue are low. When security services show an image and say, ‘Is this your daughter?’ heavily applied permanent makeup often makes the identification process quite difficult. We hope our technology may help families and authorities identify victims for rescue.”

New York had this to say; it’s hard to avoid the app’s sexist undertones outside of that specific case (especially when the app’s own description lists no such mention). Much has been written about the role beauty products play in people’s lives, but it bears repeating. Whether you use makeup to show the world the self you want to be, for a quick confidence boost in the morning, or as armor, before you go out into the world, how you approach makeup is a choice that people make for themselves. In that, it gives women (and men) agency—and an app that claims to strip makeup from photos and show the “real” person behind it is just plain problematic. It relies on the idea that people use makeup to “trick” others about their “real” self, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Some folks are saying it’s sexist others are saying it’s fun and a cool app. Basically, from observation, this app seems to take cues from other apps that simply age you several years, rather than accurately depicting a makeup-free face.


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