Know Your Skin Tone Shade

Knowing your skin tone is pretty important as black skin comes in different shades and colors. Your skin complexion isn’t exactly a staunch requirement for beauty ranking as you’re beautiful regardless of your color but knowing your skin shade saves you a lot of hassles and mistakes especially when picking up your skin products and choosing the right makeup to complement your complexion.

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Here are a list of skin colors applicable to black women.

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1. Black/Dark Skin:This dark-skinned complexion ranges from copper and espresso tones to dark brown and ebony. You are not exempt from sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, so hold on to your sunscreen.

Dark plums, deep reds and berries lip colors are perfect on dark skin as they are a sharp contrast to the color of your skin.

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2. Chocolate Brown: This color is just a tad lighter than the dark skin. Gorgeous still plus the makeup shade for dark skin applies. You could also experiment with light colored eyeshadows. Any hair color would suit your complexion as long as you’re brave enough to wear it. Slay like the goddess that you are.3. Medium Brown:An Even mix between the dark and light skin shade, bright and nude lip colors applied evenly matches beautifully with your skin color.

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4. Olive/Milky Brown Skin: Closer to the lighter shade, this skin color can experiment with both bright, deep and nude lip/ eyeshadow colors. Dark shades pop well against your skin, don’t be afraid to try out any color. This skin tone can get away with any color shade whether for your attire, makeup or hair.

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5. Light Skinned/Fair: This skin tone is popularly referred to as “yellow pawpaw”. With a clear and bright skin tone, they can comfortably rock light, nude and deep makeup colors, although caution is required when picking any shade of color.

Remember whatever shade you’re, you’re a beautiful goddess and you rock!. Select colors that you’re comfortable with.

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