Staying in tune with trends can be draining, especially to one’s bank account. That’s where “DIY” and “Hacks” come into play, you basically turn what you have to be like what you want. This post is a beauty hack on how to turn your glossy lip gloss or lipstick matte using other makeup basics you probably have lying around without having to purchase new matte lipsticks.


Here are the things you’ll need to achieve the matte lipstick look;

  • Glossy lipstick
  • Tissue paper
  • Face powder (loose powder, could be your ordinary baby powder or even compact powder)
  • A sponge/applicator/brush


  1. Apply your lip liner, this will ensure the lipstick stays on longer than expected. Start by moisturizing your lips with any lip balm of your choice.
  2. Apply your lipstick as you would usually do.
  3. Blot your lips with the tissue. To do this, separate the tissue so you have two fine sheets.
  4. Take the second sheet, place on your lips. With your brush/applicator/sponge, dust the powder over your lips which is being shielded by the fine sheet of tissue paper. The tissue is there to filter the amount of powder applied on the lips. Do this 3 to 4 times depending on the amount of powder applied
  5. Take out the tissue and apply a little coat of powder directly onto your lips on the final time.
  6. Smack your lips against each other and voila, you have a new matte lipstick!


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