How To Manage Your Period On Work Days

Looking for tips to help you through your period on work days, look no further. We got you, below are tips to help you through you prepare and feel comfy when menstruating on work days.

Plan ahead: Planning is very important. Always know when your period is coming, keep your date or get a calendar. Whether a physical calendar or an app, you never want your period to creep up on you during work.

That’s why it’s always wise to keep a stash in your desk drawer or in your bag. That way you’re prepared even if your period decides to make a surprise early visit!

Comfort is most important

There’s nothing worse than feeling additionally uncomfortable on your period. Prioritise your comfort by wearing something that will let your body breathe. Comfortable underwear is very important. You don’t want to wear underwear that will not hold your pad or that is too tight. Tight waistbands is a no-no, You day can be completely distorted if you are irritated or uncomfortable.

Stay hydrated, drink water

Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water but avoid cold stuff. Drink warm water, it aids the flow of blood and reduces the chances of menstrual cramps.

Wear black and have a jacket/scarf at hand

This works for me and I think it’s a life-saving hack. sometimes on your period, there can be chances to get stained and you do not want to be caught in an awkward position of everyone seeing a red stain on your white or green dress.

It is always safe to wear black on your period to prevent being embarrassed in possible cases of stains.

Wear trousers or a tight underneath your skirt/dress 

ALWAYS wear a trouser or tight underneath your skirt. it helps to hold your pad in place, it supports your panties and prevents it from moving out of place.


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