How To Fix a Broken Powder Without Alcohol

having a perfectly new and expensive powder, blush or bronzer shatter into pieces is one of the most heart breaking thing a makeup lover can experience. Even for the non-makeup lovers who basically have just the powder will feel as shattered. There are a few ways to remedy this which include: fixing with alcohol, fixing without alcohol and simply (but more expensive) buying a new one. This post will focus more on fixing it without alcohol which includes a simple item “wipes”.


This method is pretty straight forward, first crush the lumps of powder into tinier pieces. The tinier the more effective this method is, you could use a toothpick to achieve this. Place a wipe over the powder and press until it feels smooth. In some cases, a second wipe might be necessary to finish up the process. When this is done, clean out the sides of the compact powder to give a clean tidy finish. Voila! Your makeup is as good as new!


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