Do not Worry, Eat Healthily, and Be Happy

Everybody strives for a healthy lifestyle. It is vital in the contemporary world of pollution, bustle, and different diseases. You should take care of your body. A comfortable Helix Mattress is for good sleep, a 1-hour walk is for your head and mind, and physical activities are for your perfect shape. However, there is one more important component of our well-being. It is nutrition. Food and drinks influence directly your body and its parts. The condition of your health and thoughts depends on nutrition. In addition, healthy food will help you to keep fit and look excellent.

Nevertheless, many of us eat unhealthy food. Why? You can find out the main reasons for an unhealthy diet.

Big portion. Everything needs moderation especially if it is concerned nutrition. If you got used to eating much food, it is time to reduce your portions and at the same time your calories.

Boredom. Sometimes people do not know what to do and because of it, they start eating. It is easy and pleasant. However, you need to take care of yourself and try to find some activities for the whole day. When you are involved in something, you do not think about food that waits for you in the fridge.

2 17 Do not Worry, Eat Healthily, and Be Happy
This is a very popular problem for now. Hard work, unhappy love, financial problems, and loneliness – all these things can provoke stress and even depression. Your mind is in such a condition that you need power-fix and relaxation. In this case, food comes to the rescue. Often there is not healthy food, but too sweet, salty and fatty. Although it is hard, you should put oneself together. Positive thinking, belief in oneself, your favorite hobby, friends, or family will help you with difficulties in your life.

Life Rhythm. The modern world is complicated. All people want to have time for everything and achieve only good results. In case of success, money or fame, you often forget about yourself and your feelings. In spite of important events in your life such as the birth of your baby, stress, a new job, you need to care for yourself and save your health. Do not miss breakfasts, avoid fast food, and eat slowly and calmly. Food is a source of our energy, thus, it should be of high quality.

3 16 Do not Worry, Eat Healthily, and Be Happy
Prices on food are extremely high. Not everybody can afford to buy qualitative and fresh products. Many people pay their attention not to the content of some products, but to their prices. It is easy to understand them. Salaries are low, prices are high. In this case, people try to buy cheaper products and relatively not so qualitative. A lot of shops have different discounts on fruit, vegetable, meat, dairy products or cookies. However, they have a little expiry date or these products are bad.

There are main principles of the healthy diet.

First, get rid of harmful food. You do not need to eat a fatty, fried, or smoke-dried meal. Such food gives you extra weight and destroys your body. In the result, you can suffer from problems with gastrointestinal tracts,  cardiovascular system, and other organs.

Eat little, but often. You can divide your meal for 5-6 portions a day. It is better to have breakfast from 7 till 9 in the morning. In about three hours it is fine to have a small but useful snack. After that, it is time for lunch. Approximately at 16-17:00 you can organize a snack for your body. The last meal is dinner. In such a way you will never be hungry and will not eat too much.

Do not hurry. During your mealtime eat slowly and chew food carefully. Thus, you will eat a normal portion and receive all vitamins and minerals.

Have a bowl of fresh fruit in a prominent place.
4 14 Do not Worry, Eat Healthily, and Be Happy
Their colour and smell will attract you and instead of next candy, you will eat a healthy fruit.

Do not put much food on your plate, because you will eat every last. It is a good idea to use a smaller plate. Then your dish will be also smaller and you will eat enough.

During your shopping do not buy everything on your way. Make a list of necessary things and follow it strictly. You will save your money and not gain extra weight. By the way, do not be tempted of discounts, because you will buy more than you really need.

All the time have on you useful snacks such as fruit, dries fruit or nuts. In this case, you do not want to eat something sweet and unhealthy.

Do not get distracted during your meal time. Watching a favorite serial or checking your e-mail, you do not see your portion and eat more than planned. Besides, having a gadget in your hand, you eat automatically and do not feel a real taste.

Use the rule of 20 minutes.
5 12 Do not Worry, Eat Healthily, and Be Happy
Do not eat and drink at least 20 minutes after the main course. When you wash down, the process of digesting is slowed down. If in 20 minutes you are still hungry, then it is time to have tea or dessert.

Less salt, more herbs. Too much salt is extremely harmful to your health. Try to replace salt with a pinch of herbs or spices. They are fragrant, useful, and will give a new taste to your dish.

Do not have a meal in your bed. Of course, sometimes you want to have your breakfast on the Helix Mattress, relax with your beloved, and enjoy the moment. It is necessary for your soul, but not every day. Dishes should be served in the kitchen, where you can eat normally and healthy. Moreover, it is great to gather with your family together, have dinner, and share your impressions and thoughts.

Food plays an essential role in everybody’s life. So, it is demanding for all people to buy fresh products, eat healthily, and follow all use instructions. Your body will thank you for that.


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