Diet-friendly Power Foods That Boost Fitness During Workouts

In Nigeria, between 20.3 and 35.1 percent of the population is overweight, according to a study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity: Targets and Therapy journal. If you’re a Nigerian who is trying to boost your personal fitness, you’re on the right track. Eating diet-friendly power foods during workouts, which are nutritious and designed to pump up personal fitness, will be a great way to get better results from exercise.

Bananas are popular with athletes

A study published in the PLOS One journal showed that eating just half of one banana during exercise has the same positive benefits as guzzling a sports drink. If you lead an active lifestyle, be sure to enjoy bananas regularly. Bananas have the same carb content as most sports drinks, so they are an all-natural and affordable way to give your muscles fuel. Bananas also contain antioxidants that slow down the pace of cell damage. A typical banana has only 105 calories. Bananas also contain 19 percent of the daily recommended allotment of vitamin B6, which helps to transport oxygen to cells.

Energy chews are portable, low-calories snacks

When you’re trying to get fit, a varied diet is important and there is room for energy chews. Look for low-sugar chews that contain vitamins and electrolytes, as well as fast-acting carbs. Chews are ideal choices for people who have sensitive stomachs during exercise. If you have trouble handling solid food, such as bananas, while you are training, eating chews will allow you to access nutrients that keep you energized and strong, without irritating your stomach or side-tracking your weight loss goals. Chews will be good options for cycling or other sports where snacks need to be small and portable. Most energy chews have 20 to 40 calories apiece.

Cereal bars are tasty and energizing

Cereal bars usually come in under 150 calories and many athletes eat them during workouts. To get enough fibre while you’re training, look for bars that offer at least 3 grams of fibre per serving. Fibre count is important. When a cereal bar has sufficient fibre, it will slow down the digestive process and this will make the energy provided by the bar last for a longer period of time. You’ll also get maximum energizing benefits from bars that have at least 5 grams of protein. As a bonus, the protein will make you feel fuller for longer. Make sure that a cereal bar isn’t composed of more than 35 percent sugar. Cereal bars are popular choices because they usually taste good and it’s possible to eat them quickly during exercise, for a near-instant boost.

Now that you know some diet-friendly power foods which will help you to meet your fitness goals or maintain your personal fitness, you’ll be ready to enjoy these beneficial foods on a regular basis. Bananas, energy chews, and cereal bars are all great choices if you want to look and feel your best. These foods will make it easier to control your weight and get more energy during exercise.


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