Circumcision has no health benefits to girls and the entire female population. It is a violation of the female body, as it brings about pain, and harms the female body in multiple ways. It is very sad that such a heinous practice is still being practised with all the available literature that exists about the dangers of mutilating a female genital part. It comes with a lot of health challenges such as:


Women Are Likely To Give Birth By Caesarean Section: The art of childbearing is already a stressful and risky process for any woman involved. By circumcising a woman, it only increases the risk during childbirth.

It Comes With Infections And Viruses: The tools used in the process of circumcision are not sterilized, making the entire process totally unsafe. As it exposes the female to a long list of infections and viruses.

Kills The Sensual Pleasure: By the process of genital mutilation, it removes the sensual pleasure a woman would experience during sexual intercourse. It also causes unknown pain, especially for first timers.

Causes Internal Bleeding: Since this process is usually done by unskilled people, the wrong cut can lead to internal bleeding, which in turn brings about complications and inevitably death.


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