Polythene bags or popularly called “nylon bags” are majorly used for carrying goods and a wide variety of items. It is not an uncommon site to see individuals buying foods from street vendors, one noticeable thing is the selling of food in nylons. The most chorused excuse for this is usually lack of plates, but even in the process of cooking, there are those who use these items.

Polythene bags used in cooking and the consumption of hot food come with a lot of health challenges, and here are some need to know facts about eating and cooking with “nylons”

Chemical Leaching

When a polythene bag is boiled with food, the chemicals used to produce it can leach into the food being prepared due to a high temperature. Common chemicals in plastic include BPA and phthalates. A perfect example is moi-moi, which is often sold on the streets with nylon bags. Many do not know the health complications that come with it.


The nylon which is used to cook the food comes with a high risk of melking, normally the standard boiling point is 100 degrees centigrade, once this nylon is exposed to this type of  heat  or one that is higher, there would be melting , which in turn would contaminate the food.


Eating from a polythene bag increases the chances of cancer to the human body. By cooking with a nylon bag, it allows for the damaging chemicals to be released into the food. This in turn weakens the body’s immune system, making the body susceptible to illnesses and ultimately can lead to cancer.

Fortunately, there are ways around this polythene bag  problem. Cooking your food without the nylon bags is a start, having a take-away pack to collect food that you buy is also one way to reduce the chances of ingesting any form of chemicals.

The price of plastic take away pack may higher than that of a nylon bag, yes it may be embarrassing to be walking around with a bowl in your bag, but compared to the long-term financial and emotional costs associated, it is good for your health.


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