Beauty Tips: 11 Tips To Give You Long Beautiful lashes

Long eyelashes are quite stunning and attract attention to your eyes. As usual, not everyone is blessed with fast hair growth in whatever areas on our body but with some easy enhancement tips they can be noticeable growth.

These tips will have you batting beautifully lengthy lashes in no time.

1. Brush Your Lashes:mascara for long eyelashes Beauty Tips: 11 Tips To Give You Long Beautiful lashes

There are tiny combs that you can get to brush out your lashes, which will help them grow and look full and long. If you cannot get those, your dried out mascara wand can be utilized instead.

2. Use Vaseline:c7260792 d7b8 459d bb23 ae25ca8cab66 Beauty Tips: 11 Tips To Give You Long Beautiful lashes

Get a mascara wand/cotton bud/your fingers and swipe on some Vaseline. It will take some time before you see results, but it does work.

3. Lash Accelerator:

There are Lash accelerator mascaras which you can use. Get one, apply a coat of mascara, and you’be helping your lashes grow.

4. Olive Oil on Your Lids at Night:

If vaseline isn’t convenient enough you could try oil. Gently rub a bit of olive oil on your eyelids at night. The eyelashes will soak up all of the healthy vitamins and minerals.

5. Massage Eyelids:

Rubbing your eyelids really gently stimulates the hair follicles, which means that your lashes will get stronger and longer in no time.

6. Vitamin E lotion:

Vitamin E lotion will help give your lashes the maximum growth boost that they need.

7. Healthy Diet Full of Fruits and Veggies:

Eating healthy is a contributing factor to whatever kind of growth you need in your body. For long healthy lashes make sure your diet is healthy. Eating fatty fried foods can inhibit your lash growth.

8. You Need Protein:

When it comes to diet, emphasis has to put on protein. Protein aids the growth of your eyelashes and hair.

9. Biotin (B Vitamin):

Biotin is a B vitamin that helps hair growth, so trust that it will grow your lashes incredibly fast. Take it every single day and you’ll notice a difference.

10. Coconut oil:

Apply this daily to your lashes to help encourage growth and health.

11. Antioxidants:

Antioxidants are important for normal hair growth and development. It helps healing and repair and preventing damage and splits. These vitamins are found in citrus fruits, avocados, and leafy green vegetables.


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