A lady drinking still stirs up the sideway glances, the gossip that she is a “runz girl” and so on. It is not an uncommon sight to see ladies guzzling alcohol, personally, I don’t judge, so far you drink responsibly. In the age that we are in, coupled with the stress of day to day activities, a little alcohol here and there isn’t so bad. However, by constantly drinking in large amounts, there are some negative side effects particular to women.

This can affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant. In addition, alcohol use during pregnancy can have serious harmful consequences on the unborn child. No amount of alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy.

Brain damage
The brain’s cells are killed faster and women are more susceptible to this alcohol effect than men. Just do the maths, more drinks equal to increased brain damage, and we both know that’s gonna affect your health.

Increases the chances of victimization.
Due to increased consumption of alcohol, there is always the tendency of exploitation of the female person who is deemed to be more vulnerable due to the fact that she is under the influence. A state of drunkenness dulls the senses and heightens the chances of rape and other sexual assaults.

In addition, alcohol consumption can contribute to depression, sleeping problems, heart failure, falls, and poor nutrition in women, especially older women.

Alcohol in itself is not a bad idea, in excess, it causes so much damage to the body. While the above consequences of excessive alcohol may not be showing in your body system, caution and wisdom are advised to prevent irreversible damage.


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