Advantages Of Not Wearing Makeup

Girls who don’t wear makeup to outing are more or less Unicorns and mermaids, meaning they don’t exist. Not always wearing makeup has tons of benefits, for starters you let your face breathe and you’re prone to fewer face rashes, acne and whatnot. Wearing makeup has loads of advantages that will interest you, advantages like…

1. It is an amazing confidence booster: If you can get over the feeling of being ‘naked’, not wearing makeup can be an incredible confidence booster, it shows the world that you are proud of whom you are and that you don’t feel any need to cover yourself up with makeup.

2. You will appreciate yourself more: After wearing makeup every day for a long time, you can come to believe that you have to wear makeup to “be you”, but of course, that is simply not true”. If you stop wearing makeup, you will start appreciating yourself more which will be an empowering and liberating feeling.

3. You won’t take long to get ready for an outing: You won’t need to sit in front of the mirror every morning painting your face and perfecting your look. That time you will be wasting perfecting your makeup, you will use that time for something more productive.

4. Your skin will get clearer: Your skin will really thank you for not wearing makeup and, the longer you go without makeup, the clearer your skin will become”. With time all your pores will get unclogged making your skin to start looking fresher but you will still need to exfoliate and moisturise your skin.

5. You will save more money: It is estimated that women spend not less than 10thousand on beauty products per month and much of it is on makeup products when you stop wearing makeup you will save a lot of money to do more profitable instead of using them on makeup products.


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