8 Ways to Spot a Yoruba Demon

f you’re a Naija babe and you haven’t encountered or know someone that has encountered a Yoruba demon, are you even a Naija babe?! Let’s not forget Yoruba demons don’t necessarily have to be Yoruba. Every tribe in Nigeria breed their own version of demons. I have personally encountered one but the Lord I serve took me out of the situation even before it started and just before the demon in him started manifesting.

Come to think of it, I have encountered two yoruba demons in this Lagos, and they aren’t Yoruba!

Anyways, this mini write up will serve as a guide to you my dear girls on how to sharply spot a Yoruba demon. Remember, he doesn’t have to be yoruba to be a demon. They come in different tribes, Igbo, Urhobo, Hausa, Efik, Ibibio etc. Now let’s dive into this shall we?

  1. They’re always talking about how they want to settle down because they think that’s what you want to hear. It’s all part of the trick, once you off paying because you think you’ve found the one you’re on your own o. 
  2. They always seem very put together. 
  3. Their actions and words will never correlate. They say you’re the sugar in their tea but never act right, this is a sign they aren’t interested. What to do? Dust your shoes and zoom off!
  4. They always concur with what you say and come across as “the perfect match” that a warning.
  5. He wants to hang out but has many reasons why he can’t, Nne you are a side-chick, run for your life. That’s a demon right there.
  6. Once you catch them doing something wrong, they kneel down to beg you! Guess what? They will do it again.
  7. They’re always sure you’re their wife.
  8. Last but not the least, follow your instinct. If you meet someone and something seems off, that’s because something is off.

This is definitely not all the points on spotting a “Yoruba Demon” but this will get you started. I hope I have saved a soul or two from the clutches of Yoruba demons. You’re welcome!

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PS: Yoruba demons are demons because they are demons. Their demonic nature has nothing to do with you. So go into the world and slay mama! xx


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