Body Odour is huge a put-off and most people that have it don’t know they actually know, so help a friend and tell them or better still show them this article. Most importantly do this reason because I cannot come and settle the fight.

bikini wax soaking in bath 7 SIMPLE WAYS TO TACKLE BODY ODOUR

1. Bathe daily:Bacteria feed on our sweat. Therefore, the more you sweat, the more food for the bacteria! This is the major reason behind the foul smell of the sweat. Make sure you shower daily and use an antibacterial soap. If the problem still persists, you can take a bath twice a day. Make sure to dry yourself completely, so that there are no damp places for bacteria to multiply.

2. Change your clothes and innerwear daily:
A simple rule to follow if you know you suffer from body odour, do not repeat your clothes without washing them after every use. The odour, which gets even worse if clothes are worn without washing, will smother people around you, so don’t try it. Most importantly, don’t wear your underwear more than once cause that thing is going to stink. Also, be sure to wear washed, dry socks every single day.

3. Use natural deodorants:
You can make your own deodorant. Simply add a few drops of your favorite aroma oil to a cup of cold water and mix it well. Transfer this to a spray bottle and you have a wonderful perfume ready! Popular choices are mint, rose, orange and lavender. These oils have aromas strong enough to ward off the stubborn underarm odour

4. Avoid anti-perspirants:
Avoid using antiperspirants, not only do they clog the pores, but have strong chemicals that tamper with the natural functioning of the sweat glands. Also, most anti-perspirants are water-proof, and so difficult to rinse off, making them stick to clothes at times. So, if you sweat easily, wear cotton garments, and use talcum powder.

5. Modify your diet: Don’t go overboard with red meats, fast food, desserts and processed foods, as they are difficult to digest and can lead to toxic build-up, and also avoid garlic and onion just basically really smelly food items. Instead, have more of green leafy vegetables, and fruits, as they are rich in antioxidants and help in flushing out toxins. Don’t forget to drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday to keep yourself hydrated and also cleanse your system from within.


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