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Skin issues can be a lot to deal with, if you don’t have any serious skin issues I hope you realize how lucky you are. Skin issues can be linked to different reasons, ranging from hormones, diet, stress etc. Sometimes all you need is to do is to change your skin care routine. Go through the list below to see if your skin needs a product transitioning.

1. Your skin is super red:
This is more common with fairer people in, while it might just be a natural blush and there is nothing to it. But other times if your skin has an angry shade of red its an indication that something in your product ingredient list is too harsh for your skin. Cleansers that contain sulphates or benzoyl peroxide are the common culprits, so review the products list of ingredients and switch to one that is free of both.

2. Your skin stings or itches:
Too much exfoliation causes your skin to sting, itch or appear blotchy, so make sure to control your product use. Exfoliation strips the acid mantle, which means you remove the protective layer of your skin, which makes you more prone to photosensitization. Switch to a product that’s gentler on the skin and follow the directions. If it says use once a week, then adhere to once a week strictly.

3. Your breakouts worsen after new treatment:
If you just begun a new topical course of acne treatment and your skin gets worse, the active ingredient in your product may be too active for you at that period. If you have never used a product with Glycolic acid, Vitamin A or Vitamin C before, the skin in most cases needs to adjust to the extra strength. Once it detoxifies the skin, it will calm down. Reducing the use of the active product to every other night will usually help this, what this means is allowing your skin to adjust gradually.

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4. Your skin has tiny bumps:
The No 1 indication of an allergic reaction is the evidence of tiny white bumps on your skin. These bumps are very tiny, and do not resemble whiteheads and may also be accompanied by redness. For the first step, try using products without so many chemicals in them. Look for products that have natural ingredients and are fragrance-free. To ease the transition, apply calming ingredients such as aloe vera or honey.

5. Your dry skin is excessively dry:
Switch to a cleanser that contains more oil, or add a pre-wash that contains Argan oil, lipid oil, or nut oil.

6. Your oily skin becomes too dry:
Oily skin that flakes and feels tight and dry is actually a pretty common occurrence. People with oily skin tend to use cleansers and toners that are over stripping to the skin, causing the acid mantle to become unbalanced. This causes the body to produce even more oil to balance things out and making things worse. Switch to a cleanser that is less drying, preferably one with Glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin and remove the oil.” A hydrating serum like hyaluronic serum should also help.

7. You have new freckles:
Freckles may be hereditary, others hormones but don’t get it twisted Nigerian girls do have this skin problem. If you get it randomly then it’s actually hyperpigmentation due to sun damage and also a lack of sunscreen. Many Nigerian ladies & men alike underestimate the importance of using a daily sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Switch to a formula that covers both types of rays, or increase the SPF if the product you use now already protects against both.


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