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6 Signs That You Have Body Dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphia is basically a mental illness which involves an obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance, allowing unnecessary anxiety to crop up. This anxiety can last for years or last forever. Recently Kim Kardashian confessed to be suffering from it, this explains a lot of tucks. It causes a person to have a distorted view of how they look thus making them spend a lot of time worrying about their appearance.

For example, they can obsess on a barely visible scar or a defect convinced that it’s quite pronounced or that their nose looks abnormal. They’re more likely to be suicidal. Checking one’s appearance between 20 and 30 times or more a day, compulsive selfie-taking and editing, and feeling consistently unconfident in or preoccupied by your features can be the beginning of body dysmorphia

Body Image 1 6 Signs That You Have Body Dysmorphia

People with this disorder may frequently examine their appearance in a mirror, constantly compare their appearance with that of others and avoid social situations or photos.Treatment may include counseling and antidepressant medication, they require professional help.

A study found that body dysmorphia was more common in men than women. The antidote to BDD is to learn to derive your sense of worth from something other than your appearance.

1. They often obsess about a particular body part

Body dysmorphia isn’t necessarily obsession about the entire body; sufferers often fixate on one part of their body that’s “imperfect”. Skin, hair, body weight, the stomach, and features on the face are the most common areas for dysmorphics to become concerned about.

2. They Have A Complicated Relationship With Mirrors

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People with body dysmorphia can either leave mirrors alone, out of fear and distress about their “defect,” or check them compulsively, unable to stop monitoring and altering them, applying make-up, rearranging clothing, picking, or otherwise changing their appearance permanently. If a friend or family member seems to have a strange reliance or avoidance when it comes to mirrors, this may be a signal that something deeper is happening.

body dysmorphia 1 6 Signs That You Have Body Dysmorphia

3. They Have Obsessive Habits Around Their Appearance

One of the most obvious “rituals” or habits of body dysmorphics is obsessive attention to appearance, usually focused on the perceived flaw. These can take many forms, including concealment, heavy cosmetic use, pathological weight checking, skin-picking, and hair-pulling. A body dysmorphic’s obsessive behaviors are designed to reassure them and make them feel temporary relief, but the word “temporary” is key there.

4. They Isolate Themselves From Social Situations For Fear Of Judgement

If they do manage to come out, they won’t be able to enjoy themselves fully, as they’ll be attending to and worrying about their bodily flaw. This can lead to damaging perceptions of vanity or shallowness, or frustration among their friends that they can’t “let it go”.

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5. Their Life Suffers Because Of Their Distorted Belief

Like other anxiety disorders with intrusive components, body dysmorphia “takes over” the internal life of a sufferer, distracting them from work and friendships, and making them particularly isolated in intimate relationships, as they can’t be reassured of their own attractiveness.

6.  Surgery might be their ultimate savior

With the increasing accessibility and affordability of plastic surgery, many-body dysmorphic will at least investigate medical options to “fix” their problem. The upsetting aspect of cosmetic procedures for body dysmorphia is that the flaw is located in the sufferer’s mental perception, not in the body itself. This means that body dysmorphic people who have surgery will likely “feel a temporary satisfaction, but often the anxiety returns”


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