5 Struggles That Come With Nose Piercings

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Nose piercings are cute and fashionable, they make you look really stylish and also daring. But honestly, it can be such a bother. There are definitely some annoying factors about having a nose ring but it’s really a cool fashion statement. So if you are blessed with more patience than the rest of us then probably you could join the cool gang.

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The list below gives you heads up on the struggles that piercers face, so read and learn and enjoy.

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1. Difficulties In Finding A Hoop That Fit:The common problem you might encounter with hoops is that they are usually too small or too big.When they’re a little bit off, they look totally weird on your face. It takes forever before you find one that fits just right.

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2. Your Nose becomes The Celebrity On Your Face:Constant attention would be drawn to your nose compared to the other features on your body. There would be curious and rude stares alike, but since you have enough spunk to have piercings, stares like that can’t faze you.

3. Washing Your Face Can Be Such A Risky Activity: Imagine your towel sticking to your hoop earring on your nose or better still washing your face thoroughly forgetting you have an earring some place on your nose.

4. Making Out Becomes Awkward: Scary too, you will be left wondering whether your partner is suffering the poking of your ring as much as you are.

5. Cold and Catarrh Become The Dreaded Evil: As if being sick isn’t bad enough, you could get nose infections cause of the constant nose blowing. You have to clean it all the time so it doesn’t get infected too. Oh and tissues also get caught too.


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