Overeating is something that each person would secretly love to do but for the consequences of getting fat. Lack of sleep, Stress, Crazy-demanding cousins/in-laws/parents, Hormones, These factors could be why you’re always stuffing your face with food. So, to prevent excessive intake of food, here are a couple of things you need to do.

Never show up too hungry: When you arrive at an event feeling hungry, you’re much more likely to overeat it, especially when the food is free flowing. Eating before going for an event prevents you from eating a lot.

Choose smaller plates: Eating with a large plate encourages you to eat more, which in turn adds weight. To remedy this, serve your meal on a smaller plate. Using a smaller plate helps with weight loss and portion control.

Sit down to eat: Distractions are common when eating, sit at the table, and focus on your food. You’ll be able to slow down, enjoy your meal, and feel more satisfied from what’s on your plate, instead of just hogging down a meal.

Eat slowly: Research has shown that eating quickly allows for obesity, also doesn’t allow for us to savor whatever we are eating. By slowly chewing your food, you get full relatively easier and you get to savor whatever meal you’re eating.

Cook one serving: Take temptation out of the picture by cooking single-size servings of your favorite foods. This way, you won’t have to struggle with saying no to the extra safely tucked away in your fridge.


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