Coffee addiction is not something to be ashamed of, that’s why you drink it religiously, every hour, on the hour (okay, fine you may not drink that much of it). Very few people readily admit to being coffee addicts, coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s one you have chosen to take very seriously. They are in your office, your homes, they are your best friends, your spouses and so on. Here are a couple of ways to spot and know that you are a coffee addict.


Your entire day revolves around that first cup.

Wake up in the morning and until you get that “cup of joe” your day technically hasn’t started. And until you get some of that caffeine into your system, your level of productivity is gonna be low, if not zero.

You finally understand the difference between good coffee and bad coffee.

Due to the fact that you drink a ton of coffee regularly, you can spot the difference between great coffee that will make you all tingly inside and horrible coffee that just makes you want to throw up. Considering the fact that all coffee can’t be brewed the same way.

You have a hard time not burning your tongue on the first sip.

Everyone has at one point or the other had the experience of burning our tongues from taking in something hot. But for a coffee addict, this is almost a regular way of life. Honestly, it hurts when it burns but the burn feels so good.

You will literally drink it at any point in the day.

Because you are an addict (I say it without judging anyone), you are comfortable taking coffee at anytime of the day, come rain, sun or harmattan. Any time is the the best time for you.

You cringe at the fact you used to think tea was better than coffee.

If you are in this category, you are on the verge, if not an addict already. Studies have shown that people who tend to choose coffee over tea over a long period of time, most times become addicts of coffee and anything caffeine-infused food or drink.


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