5 Signs He’s Not That Into You

So you meet this nice hunk. Tall, Dark, Handsome, Chiseled, and ticks all the right boxes in your book. Awesome conversations flow between you guys and you start imagining yourselves walking down the aisle, plus little kids running around your house. Few weeks go by and all of a sudden you start to have mixed feelings about the whole thing because of how he’s suddenly acting funny. Here are 5 tips that show that he’s not that into you girl! It’d be best if you just moved on.

HE GOES GHOST ON YOU: You know when he texts and calls you 5 days straight and then he just stops all communication with you for  say, 7 days. Then resurfaces with some sob story about how he couldn’t keep in touch? And then he goes back to communicating with you everyday for the next say, 5 days and then disappears again only to resurface later? Yeah. I’m sure you can relate with this scenario in more ways than one. If he’s like this, RUN! He’s never going to fully commit to you. You’re more or less an item he picks whenever he feels like it. I know it’s going to be hard sha but you’re better off single than with a man who doesn’t make you a priority.

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YOU HAVEN’T MET HIS FRIENDS OR FAMILY MEMBERS : If you guys have been dating for more than 6 months and he doesn’t think it’s fair that you meet his friends or family members, maybe it’s time you reevaluate your relationship with him. Men would think it’s only natural to meet people he considers important in his life like close friends and family members if he thinks you’re important to him.

meetingparents 5 Signs He’s Not That Into You


I’m not one of those people who think dating someone means you’re automatically in a relationship with the person. Dating is “getting to know each other well enough to know if you guys can take it to the next level”. So when you guys have been dating for a while (say 2 months), he doesn’t bring up the topic, you bring it up and he says “I’m just tryna chill” or “Let’s see how things go“. Uhhh Nigga what?! You want the benefits of an exclusive relationship (bomb pussy, homemade meals, letting all my other niggas go) but you don’t want to commit to an exclusive relationship? Yup. Sounds like a time waster to me. Run my sister!

HE ALMOST ALWAYS BAILS OUT ON YOU: I had one guy that was like that. I really liked him and thought he was cool and was looking forward to knowing him more. We hung out once (it was my suggestion) I wanted to hang out again and he would give excuses like he was working or he was busy. Sometimes, we would even plan dates and then two days or a day to the time he won’t even bring up the date or make plans. It would be like we never even talked about it. He had planned to take me out on my birthday a month before, and I was eagerly looking forward to it. A week to my birthday, nothing. 3 days to my birthday, nothing. On my birthday, nothing. I was so heartbroken. That was my wake up call. He didn’t care enough about me to want to see me often.

HE DOESN’T CALL OR TEXT YOU: You’re always the one to initiate calls or texts. Cue guy from last point above. He never ever called me. And whenever I called him, he would say he’d totally ignore my calls then tell me “I don’t like phone conversations.” (chai Ada you don suffer sha) He sometimes would go a week without texting me and if I texted him he wouldn’t reply. A guy who REALLY wants you would always want to talk to you (either by text or call) to know how you’re doing and what you’re up to. There were all the signs that he wasn’t into me but I kept giving him excuses, which is what many of us do. I finally gave myself brain and forgot about him entirely.

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If he does all of the above outline points, the girl he is not into you. It’d be better you walk away before your self-esteem takes a nosedive.


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