5 secrets to making money as a makeup artist

Women love to look beautiful and flawless. The need for talented & professional makeup artists is on the rise. Why not turn what you love to so into a money-making endeavor. Makeup artistry like any business should be able to fetch you money. It begins Like almost how all artistic endeavors begin, with mindless passion and talent. Actually, because of the passionate zeal to which it’s pursued, the artiste might neglect or are simply uninterested in the financial profiting of the business.

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It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, as you can and should make money from your passion in art.  you have decided that you love Make Up and want to make money doing it in Nigeria, you have to take the right steps so that you don’t get lost in the sea of the big names out there.

The Secrets to Making Money as a MUA in Nigeria has been summed into these four things, things that should be taken seriously.

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1. Choose A Niche:                                                                                         Make Up is a very broad world with different types of Artistry to choose from, it always makes more sense when you choose a niche and be really good at it, people tend to know you by your specialty and that earns you more respect which is very needed. There’s the Fashion Makeup, Face and Body Makeup, Theatre Makeup, Television and more, it takes an open mind so be very intentional with your choosing.

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2. Have A Professional Portfolio: 

This might sound a little too “cliché” but it is what it is, anything that is worth doing, no matter what; is worth doing well! As a Make Up Artiste, the first thing, if not the one thing people care to see is your portfolio, your job well done. Its ok to have a name, a Makeup Studio and about everything that’s required, but you can’t pass having a professional portfolio. Take the quality time to have all your work in a portfolio, be creative about things, if you can come up with something new and give it a name, share on your networks and advice your clients to wear them, you might as well be setting the pace. If you are just starting out, just be sure that you are good with the job because that’s the first thing, get your friends and family to model for you while you take pictures of the beautiful work you’ve done on them (remember to be creative, don’t be afraid go a little crazy) and share! Gain awareness.

3. Be Active On Social Media:

I understand that you are not so much of the Social Media person so you hate to go there but that’s no body’s business, your business is to get your work out to as much potential customers as possible and that makes social media your personal business. Those epic makeovers of yours fits perfectly on Instagram and even Snapchat. Leverage on the power of Social Media to gain awareness and grow.

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4. Teach Make Up: It’s not enough to open up a Studio and get clients sit for a new look, that works pretty amazing though, but it’s just not enough. Teaching the skill for a reasonable fee is a stream of income for any professional Make Up Artiste because for whatever reasons, Makeup is expensive to learn everywhere and people are down for it. There are lots of mediums to get your offers out to thousands of people, if you have sat down and thought about the classes you would be training, just know that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogs are your best bet for positive results.

5. VLog: 

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Beauty vlogger -beautybyjj

Almost every beauty/makeup artiste vlogs. If you are just starting out, vlogging is a great way of publicizing your brand and not just that you can earn an income depending on the amount of view you get on YouTube. It’s almost like killing two birds with one stone.


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