5 Reasons Why Using A Microwave Might Be Bad

Microwave oven commonly called “microwaves” are very convenient for reheating already cooked food. All you need do is place the food and chill a few minutes and voila it’s hot. They are currently flooding into homes coming to the rescue when there is hunger in the land and we need to get that hot food into our tummy. There are a variety of benefits that come from eating hot food, such as easy digestion and so on. However, with prolonged use, come various side effects.

microwave 5 Reasons Why Using A Microwave Might Be Bad
  1. Radiation

By microwaving your food every single time, you inevitably allow yourself to become susceptible to the radiation which causes cancer in the human body. Our bodies tend to develop cancer-causing cells if microwaved food is eaten for a considerable longer period of time.

2. Inability to properly digest food
The nutrients, minerals, and vitamins present in the food are altered into harmful substances that won’t be broken down nor absorbed by the human body due to the use of a microwave to cook or reheat it.

3. Impotence and infertility
The use of microwaves over a period of time can cause a lot of problems in the beautiful art of childbearing, as it causes infertility in women and impotence in men. It is always better to reheat your food over the fire, as the heat is even retained longer than when you reheat using a microwave.

4. Reduces Immunity To Diseases
The body through the white blood cells fight off infections and help build up our immune system to several bacteria and infection. By using a microwave to reheat your food constantly, the immune system is depleted, making the body susceptible to infections.


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