5 Reasons Why Junk Food Isn’t Good For You

Junk food is everywhere you turn, smells so good that it just instantly gives you hunger pangs, relatively cheap and easy to access. It is a reliable quick cure to hunger, easy to fill you up, however, for every good thing, there is a negative thing to counter it. Junk food has an untold number of consequences, especially for those who eat them with practiced consistency.

junk food1 5 Reasons Why Junk Food Isn’t Good For You

1. Zero Source Of Nutrition:

Most junk foods contain zero nutrients. They are nutrient-deprived but are generally stuffed with a lot of chemicals and food additives that increase their shelf value. These chemicals may not decrease your lifespan, but they do no good for your health either.

2. Easily Leads to Diabetes

With diabetes on the rise, indulging in junk food constantly causes diabetes, a major component of this is processed or artificial sugar. Eating a balanced diet provides the body with a steady supply of glucose, interrupting this flow with an influx of fast foods depletes the body’s production of insulin, which helps to keep diabetes at bay.

3. Increases Cholesterol

Baked, fried, in whatever form it comes in, fast foods are responsible for increasing the cholesterol level in your body. This fat clogs up the blood vessels and slows the free blood circulation, which leads to a variety of health challenges.

4. Risk of Eating Uncooked Food

Ever gotten to a junk food joint (names withheld) and you arrive at a crowded place with everyone yelling their orders. On the one hand, it shows how popular such a place is, with the ability to have such a customer base, on the other hand, you are at the risk of eating food that is uncooked. This can cause untold havoc to your digestive system.

5. Weight Gain

Ever told yourself that you’ll never eat junk food again, due to the fact that you are beginning to stretch your waistline, or get that protruding tummy. Well indulging in foods like this once in a while is not bad, however, incorporating junk food as part of your diet leads to a steady increase in body fat.

So I advise that all things be done in moderation, this includes junk food, if you feel you have no control over your cravings for junk, then avoid it. If you can control your urge then by all means, carry on.


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