5 First Dates Dos and Don’t for Guys and Girls

First dates could be exciting and at the same time nerve wrecking. You’re trying to create a good impression of yourself and you’re also hoping that the other person creates a good image of themselves to want to have a second and/or a third date with you. Here are some tips to ensure that you present yourself well on a first date.

KEEP IT LIGHT AND SIMPLE: A first date serves to create a first impression of yourself to your counterpart and vice versa. Keep conversations light, fun, and straight forward. Don’t ask him his views on abortion or want to meet his mother tomorrow. It’s just an avenue to create an image of him in your head, not to know if he’s fit to be your husband.

Couplelaughing 5 First Dates Dos and Don’t for Guys and Girls

BE PREPARED TO GO DUTCH: In other words, carry ya vex money. Most people have different views on first dates. Some people believe the man always pays, some believe the person who suggests the date pays, while some people believe both parties should always go dutch. I believe in the second theory where whoever suggests the date pays. Whether or not you believe in the traditional theory that a guy pays, always carry some money along with you because you don’t know where the other party stands. Plus it is kind of awkward to ask the person beforehand so to be safe, just assume that you’re paying. Don’t order stuff you won’t be able to pay for.

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SAY THANK YOU: Whether or not you enjoyed the date and want a second date, it’s courteous to text the person after the date to say thank you (except he was a straight up douche). In that case he don’t deserve your thank you.

WATCH BODY LANGUAGE : This one is especially for the guys. Watch her body language during the date. Is she flirting? Does she give you a light tap on your thigh or shoulder here and there? Does she genuinely laugh at your jokes (not the let me just laugh so he doesn’t feel bad kind of laugh) The one where she throws her head back and turns red. That’s a green light to try and get intimate after the date. A kiss here may be welcome. I once had a first date where I thought he was interesting but wasn’t too intrigued by him. I enjoyed his company, but as friends. Thankfully, he got the hint and didn’t try anything. By the second date, I started to enjoy his company more and gradually started taking him out of the friendzone mentally. LOL! By the end of the second date, he made to kiss me and I obliged. I would have been so put off if he had tried it on the first date because I hadn’t started to see him in that light. So guys, watch her body language intricately. It helps you save face and avoid embarrassment.

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SET A REALISTIC IMAGE OF YOURSELF PRIOR TO MEETING: This is so important and cannot be overemphasized. Thanks to endless filters and photoshop apps, people can edit their pictures as they deem fit. But while you do that, be weary of the perception you create of yourself to others online. Once, I met a guy on tinder. We got talking and in the course of our conversation he told me he’s 5 foot 9 inches. Not too bad I tell myself. We set a date and when he finally comes to pick me up, I see that I’m taller than him with me wearing 3 inch heels and I’m only 5’3″/5’4″! So he’s probably my height without the heels. I was mortified and I didn’t enjoy the date at all. Couldn’t wait to get home. It’s not like I would have still wanted a second date if I knew his true height beforehand, but at least it would have been nice to prepare myself for what he really looked like.

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First dates are fun or scary whichever way you look at it. But these tips ensure that you don’t make a fool of yourself and prevent a second date. May the odds be in your favor!


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