The perfect and fleeky brow struggle is one thing every girl (or guy) can relate with. Some people that are blessed with full brows often find it hard to groom their brows to get to that fleeky level.

This post will list 5 brow pencils that you can achieve the perfect brows with in just a matter of seconds (okay minutes).

Spiked by MAC


This brow pencil is an absolute fave of every makeup lover, then again anything mac is everyone’s favorite. The only problem with spiked is that if you’re on a budget, spending about N7,000 on eyebrow pencil might just be a lot. Fret not, they are other substitutes as you continue reading. 

Browlution by Yanga Beauty

There has been a lot of buzz in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise about browlution by Yanga beauty. I am yet to use it though, but from pictures, they do an amazing job! Is it affordable? It depends on your pocket, last I checked it was N4,500.


No 7 by Boots

I love No 7 eyebrow pencil because it gets the job done the way I like it! I haven’t spotted it in Nigeria though, or maybe I haven’t really looked but it goes for £8.00. I’m not sure how much it can be in Naira because I haven’t seen it in the motherland yet.



Now we have come to the very affordable eyebrow pencils! Jordana isn’t necessarily the first choice to be very honest, but it gets the work done and it’s about N200 or so! Definitely can’t be up to N500. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t stay long and can come off when a strand of your hair comes close to it.



A lot of us in Nigeria are very aware of Davis. It has become a go to for me because anywhere I look it’s there, I don’t have to look for it. The only problem I have with it is same as Jordana. It can feel sticky and can clean off when your hair gets on your face. Not cool! I’ll still use it though like I said it’s my go to and it’s only about N150!



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