4 Negative Sides to Getting a Tattoo Done

Tattoos are a very controversial topic in our society, breaking societal views into majorly 3 stereotypes. Those love it and can’t seem to get enough, others who admire it from far away, and those who with all joy in their heart criticize it. Regardless of views, tattoos can be quite artistic depending on the individual who is doing the drawing of the tattoo, and where the said tattoo is drawn.

tattoo1 4 Negative Sides to Getting a Tattoo Done

They also come with their negative sides, here are Four negative sides to getting a tattoo done

1. Infections such as HIV and hepatitis due to re-use of needles
There exist a wide variety of literature on the causes of HIV, which is commonly passed through the use and reuse of needles. The process of tattooing involves a needle piercing the epiderm of the skin in order for the “art” to be done. The risks of getting an infection are essentially very high, especially in circumstances where the origin of the needle is unknown.

2. Allergic reactions to temporary and permanent tattoo inks
Reaction to tattoo inks, whether it is a temporary tattoo or a permanent, is common. If someone is allergic to the ink they may not know that until the tattoo is done. Due to the sensitive nature of the skin, once anything goes on the skin which is unhealthy for the skin, the skin will react. These reactions are generally triggered by exposure to sunlight.

3. Scarring
Tattoos may lead to scar tissue. The body is naturally programmed to heal itself when injured by situations where the tattoo wasn’t done properly or once a foreign body is injected into the skin. As the body attempts to remove the foreign substance (ink), bumps or small knots may form around the tattoo. Some skin conditions can also worsen due to tattoos.

4. Skin discoloration
The part of the skin where the tattoo is done is discolored permanently. Even though over a period of time this discoloration fades away but it is never healed completely. So, one should keep this in mind before choosing to go for a tattoo.


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