4 Natural Ways For Guys to Care for Their Lips

Care of the lips is always a touchy subject for guys, some are extra sensitive, while some don’t even care. As a guy, it’s easy to just wake up, take a bath, dress up and be out and about your daily business, so we pay attention to basically the essentials and exclude everything else. Dental care is very essential, I repeat very essential to every guy, a wide variety of people put more emphasis on just brushing the teeth and tongue while forgetting about one important feature, the lips! Here are 4 ways to naturally take care of your lips without having to resort to the famous “Ikeja under bridge lip balm”

care of the lips 4 Natural Ways For Guys to Care for Their Lips

1. Stop Licking your Lips

When our lips dry out we try to hydrate them with our saliva, but this actually dries them out more and can cause painful cracking, making it look like something that survived an accident. Invest in a lip balm, would save your lips the unnecessary cracking of the lips. If that sounds like too much drama, just hydrate your lips with water.

2. Hydrate your body for healthier lips

The big picture is getting healthier lips. Drinking plenty of water is key to having great-looking lips. When your body is dehydrated, your lips are often the first place where it shows. Drink water throughout the day so your lips never get the chance to dry out.

3. Use the Right Lip balm/ moisturisers
You may be sold on whatever brand of lip gloss your babe/ sister or even mother and any female in your life use, but you should be thinking in terms of being smooth and supple. The best products for your lips have a base of petroleum jelly or paraffin because they seal in moisture and won’t evaporate as quickly as some glosses.

4. Scrub At Least Once a Week

Your lips take a beating every day from the elements. With all that talking (and kissing) they need could use some care, try using a toothbrush to do the job. Brush the upper and lower lip to remove dirt, leaving them cleaner


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