4 Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making

Makeup is designed to highlight our best features and help us feel great about the way we look. Unfortunately, a lot of us may be making mistakes with our makeup without even realizing it, which can ultimately undermine the whole purpose of using makeup.

1.Not using makeup brushes: 4 Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making

Good brushes will, “make your routine easier to apply and more enjoyable, it also makes your makeup last longer and look better in the long run. Try using a brush with just the right amount of whatever it is you’re applying.

2. Zero Practice:  For those of you that don’t have professional makeup training, then endeavor to pratice. Youtube is your friend, schedule a couple of hours to just really work on making up. I promise it will pay off!

3. Applying too much powder: 

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Over powdering throughout the day can make your face appear heavy and cakey, so tone it down.

4. Over exaggerating your eyebrows:

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Most girls haven’t yet mastered this important skill. That’s why practice is highly advised, so you don’t go around scaring little children.


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