3 ways to let your spouse know their breath stinks!

Bad breath also known as halitosis is a really big deal and can be a very touchy issue to address especially when it involves a loved one. Here’s the challenge: How would you rather your spouse found out about their skunk den of a mouth? By a total stranger telling them? Perhaps from the redness in your eyes from holding your breath when they try to whisper sweet nothings? I think not. These 3 approaches are pretty much the safest ways to drive your point home rather than drive your partner away.

Tell it with a joke

When having some alone time with bae and you cannot take the stench any longer, make crinkled nose jokes with the signature  “hmmph” sound. You can even extend the joke by using jocularly distorted words like “why ish ya mouth smelling”. By this time, he/she will probably want to know how serious you are with your claim. Skilfully use facial expressions and gestures to affirm the point whilst still making light of the situation. Be sure to not let your body language tell a different story.

Blame it on everything

Quite a number of things are responsible for mouth odour. As little as not speaking for  a tangible period of time can make your breath ooze. Now when bae’s halitosis is in display, put the blame on anything and everything. Ask him/her to come closer so you can get a whiff. Keep a straight face for a couple of seconds like you are trying to process something. “Could it be the suya we ate yesterday night?” “Honey, I think we should change the toothpaste.” “Garlic just has a way of messing one’s breath”. He/she should be able to figure the math out from the hints you have dropped.

How do you let your spouse know his/her mouth smells?-

Be a scapegoat

Try to make your own breath foul for one day and be in all up bae’s face. If you are unlucky and his/her own booming mouth has affected their olfaction, this might not work for you. If luck is on your side, they would probably alert you that your own mouth stinks. Act all confused. Blow some air into your palm and smell it (gross I know). “Are you sure it is not something we both ate, ‘cos your mouth kinda smells the same way.” He/she would feel somewhat comfortable knowing they are not alone in the predicament(although they indeed are).

It is really not enough to tell your spouse about their bad breath. It is very important that you are passionate about getting rid of it too. Build a proper mouth cleaning habit with them. Make sure they never run out of mints and mouth sprays. Stock the house with quality oral hygiene products. Scrutinize their diet to make sure the causative is not some type of ingested food. Inculcate dental checkups in your schedules and be dedicated to it.

Do everything you can to make sure your spouse takes your breath away romantically…not literally.


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