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3 Types Of Food To Eat Every Day For Perfect Skin

Perfect skin almost seems farfetched but eating the right food is a tangible step in the perfect skin journey. The items below are regular products in my diet, if it’s not yet a constant in your diet you sure are missing a lot of benefits.

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1. Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and flavanols that promote glowing skin. The antioxidants in dark chocolate will help reduce roughness in your skin and protect it against sun damage. Moreover, cocoa relaxes arteries, increasing blood circulation that leads to healthier skin. So my chocolate lovers, enjoy one of the numerous benefits of this amazing nutrient giver.

Coconut Oil Still Life Man Repeller 5 3 Types Of Food To Eat Every Day For Perfect Skin

2. Coconut oil:This is one of the richest sources of saturated fat with about 90 percent of calories as saturated fat. It contains lauric acid, a powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent that keeps away viruses, infections, inflammation and acne. Coconut oil is also rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are perfect for keeping your skin moist, soft, and wrinkle-free. Coconut oil could be used as a body cream and also as food.

antioxidante tea 3 Types Of Food To Eat Every Day For Perfect Skin

3. Green tea: This beverage great source of antioxidants and unique amino acid, L-theanine that helps relax your body and lower stress. When the tea is hot, the bionic brew releases catechins, a kind of antioxidant with proven anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea may also reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure. Drink 3 or more cups of tea every day for better results.


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