3 Things you Need to Know About Holding in your Fart

Hehehehe, I know right! We talking about farting! Popularly known by its alternative name “mess”.  Even though “farting” is a part of life it’s not exactly something you want to do in polite company—or even in front of someone who knows all your flaws, like your significant other. As an alternative, maybe you hold it in for hours until you’re alone and can get the sweet, sweet release of letting it all out.

It’s a very normal urge, but can keep your gas bottled tight affect with your system? Here’s what you need to know.

You (well all of us though) fart 10 to 20 times a day, often without even realizing it. It’s a normal byproduct of your digestion of food. Sure, while you’re focused on squeezing your buns together, you might keep everything inside. But as soon as you get distracted, the floodgates will probably open, God help you that you not in a public place like school, church, on a date, meeting.

As you’re walking and going about your business, your body will pass the air, that being said, the only real exception to the holding-in-your-farts-wont-seriously-injure-you rule is people who have severe obstructions in their colons. In that case, the colon blows up like a balloon because of the blockage. If there are any weaknesses in the walls, eventually it can burst. Although that paints a frighteningly vivid picture, there’s no real reason to be worried. That kind of thing only happens with critically ill patients, and even then, it’s rare.

While holding in your gas won’t actually harm you, it can still make you feel like exceptionally bloated. Your digestive tract is like one of those big balloons clowns use to make animals. Anything that affects downstream will affect upstream. What this simply means is that any sort of air buildup lower in your gastrointestinal tract, like in your colon, will eventually push upward and cause bloating and discomfort around your midsection.

To prevent the escape of the embarrassing sounds, your best bet is to excuse yourself to the restroom where you can relieve yourself in peace. Better now, when you expect it than to have one squeak out in the middle of a meeting because you’re trying to hold it in.


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