3 Things You Can Do To Have Whiter Teeth

For many people, choosing the right teeth-whitening product is a challenge, owing to the various methods available. Many of these options market themselves as all natural, but is there really such a thing? There are many effective ways of maintaining your bright smile for as long as you wish. Here are the top three tips to begin with:

1) Buy A Suitable Teeth Whitening Kit

The whole concept of teeth whitening should involve the external surface as well as removing the stains that are buried deep in your teeth. The role of an ideal teeth whitening gel comes in handy in this regard to give you the best results without you having to break into a bank.

An ideal teeth whitening gel uses carbamide peroxide, a compound that is known to be effective at removing all the stains lying deep down in your teeth.

The kits also come with powerful LED lights to help activate the formula and lighten your teeth as fast as possible. The teeth whitening kits are very effective as compared to other methods such as using those other regular kinds of toothpaste that contain polishing agents and mild abrasives.

Besides, the teeth whitening kits also work faster than the regular toothpaste. It never stops there because these packages also come with colour charts and instruction manuals to help you track your progress on a daily basis, something you can never see in toothpaste. Therefore, if you wish for that blinding bright smile without hurting your wallet, then the teeth whitening kit is the best option.

2) Make Dietary Changes

Teeth staining is a worrying trend, but the good news is that you can always prevent further staining if you adopt some of the best tips. Eliminating the foods that are known to cause marked staining can go a long way to ensure that you maintain white teeth. Some of the foods and beverages in this category include coffee, dark sodas, and tannins such as tea and wine.

Acidic foods such as citrus are also known to cause yellow staining by wearing down your enamel. Therefore, the best option is to brush after having such foods or avoiding them altogether. Nicotine stains are a common scene with tobacco smokers. Quitting the habit is the first step towards ensuring healthy white teeth.

3) Brush With Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

Baking soda may appear too harsh for many individuals, but recent studies have shown that the chemical is a safe choice for removing stains in the teeth. Brushing using the chemical gently can polish away the stains on your teeth.

Besides, baking soda also plays a key role in fighting the bacteria. Hence, it can be helpful in reducing plaque and preventing tooth decay in the long run. You can mix one teaspoon of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and use a soft brush for two minutes.

This method works because hydrogen peroxide is used commercially in the manufacturing of teeth-whitening products. It restores the teeth to their natural color by bleaching the stains.


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