Ever thought that using a clean towel, plus a good scrubbing equals a still clean towel? I hate to give you the bad news but that towel is already dirty. A towel might look clean, but can actually collect a ton of dirt, dust, makeup, oil and dead skin cells that you can’t even see. And that allows them to act as breeding grounds for nasty bacteria.

So here are a couple of reasons why you should keep using a clean towel.

Nobody wants this, we invest money and time to consciously avoid pimples springing up on our faces. An unclean towel harbors dirt, bacteria and so on which is dangerous for your skin, the effect of this is a breakout of pimples on your face. The solution is simple, wash your towel.

Skin infection
If you have ever had a skin infection before, the look is nasty, it is very embarrassing as it can make the proudest man to be so humble. While skin infection can come from a variety of sources, a rather dirty body wipe could be the cause of whatever skin troubles you have.

Body odor
Nobody wants to be told that they stink, so perfume and sprays come to the rescue. But before this liquid assistance, a shower is very much needed,when the body wipe/towel is unclean, it enhances the chances of the body retaining the “odor”. Making it an impossible battle against a persistent enemy.

So if you want to preserve your fine boy or fine girl status, a clean body wipe, will help in the pursuit of this dream. Plus it’s healthier, will save you cost, which is very essential for your general well being.


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