3 Nigerian Natural Skincare Lines

Nigeria is a land full of many natural resources and it produces a ton of hardworking entrepreneurs every moment. Whether Nigeria as a country empowers the talented citizens is conversation for another day. Nigerian beauty entrepreneurs are steady coming up with natural products to help maintain our skin and protect us from the harsh weather. They are so many of these skincare lines in Nigeria but in this post, I’ll be talking about only 3 of them. Why? This is because they are affordable and they have worked for me for different purposes because I’m steady on this journey for a healthy and glowing skin.

So, in order of how I used them, here are the 3 Nigerian Natural skincare lines that work!

  1. RandR LuxuryOne would think the “luxury” here would require you have taty billion for the akant, absolutely not! Their products are surprisingly affordable and when I first came across them, I thought the same. I fell in love with every single product I bought from them especially the liquid black soap, the shea luxury oil, shea lip balm, baobab oil, and other most importantly the sugar scrub! The black soap didn’t totally clear the acne on my face though which was what I was looking for it made my skin super smooth and I absolutely loved it. What is their price tag like? The liquid black soap cost me about a thousand something.
SetWidth795 3 Nigerian Natural Skincare Lines
  • Fig Health StoreThe name already shows they’re all about healthy living and all things natural. I haven’t had the opportunity to try a lot of products from this line but the only one I tried, I loved it! Their turmeric and neem liquid black soap helped with the spots on my face, no joke. Truth is, I used it along with some other products but I know it played a significant role in my journey to clearer skin. I used their turmeric and neem liquid black soap for quite a bit before I decided to try other products. Why? A bottle cost me about 4k and it lasts for two weeks. Anyhoo, I decided to explore other natural skincare lines which brings me to the last one I’m currently using.
Neem Turmeric Black Soap large 3 Nigerian Natural Skincare Lines
  • Natural NigerianLike I said before, this is the most recent store that I’m trying out their product and let me tell you something, I looove it! I only got two products from their line, the eucalyptus black soap and the tea tree oil. I am honestly impressed by their products because I haven’t used this for two weeks and I can already see significant changes on my face. The acne scars and pimples are slowly disappearing and nothing makes me happier. Oh, how can I forget the smell of the soap, amazing. I would definitely go back once I’m done with this one. A container of the black soap cost me 1,800 and the tea tree oil cost 2,700.
Natural Nigerian Essential Oils 3 Nigerian Natural Skincare Lines

Have you ever used any of them and what do you think? What other Nigerian natural skincare lines have you tried? Are they pocket friendly?


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