3 Major Reasons Why Sitting For To Long Could Kill You

What’s the one thing that your house, church, cinema, school and work all have in common? We use it for a wide variety of activities from sitting to s3x to whatever your imagination can come up with. Chairs have been saving lives since they were first invented, irrespective of size and quality, the comfort of chairs also come with their deficiencies. The human body is made for mobility and ideally only when we are sleeping or dead should we stop moving.

Almost all activities in this modern day involve sitting and it is responsible for slowing killing the spine and causing immense joint pains. After avoiding the manual labor jobs, all that’s left are the desk jobs. Sitting is the new smoking and is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV as it comes with a mixed variety of consequences.

1. MUSCLE DEGENERATION:  When you (in this case me too) sit for long periods of time it does nothing for the “work out goals”, as it leads to muscle degeneration. Due to a lack of mobility, all the other dominant muscles of the body are unused.

2. WEIGHT GAIN: Yeah you get fat from sitting too much. No one sits for 7 hours plus a day and still believes that “sitting down” is great for the waistline or for achieving some semblance of fitness. Obese people spend more than two and a half more hours sitting every day than thin people. Could be just overindulging in movies, reading a novel too long, working extra hours, getting stuck in traffic. These seamlessly innocent acts lead to weight gain.

3. BACK AND NECK PAIN: One of the most common and physical symptoms of living much of your life in a seated position is the presence of back and neck pain. The amount of pressure put on your spine while sitting compresses the bones that make up the spine. Causing untold pain and if not properly managed can lead to a lot of body deficiencies.

The simplest way of solving this is to move around, take short walks in the morning, get some much-needed exercise into your life,  it would strengthen your spine, and aid in the reduction of pain. Or better yet, learn to assume a better sitting posture, prevent slouching on the chair and avoid back pain in your life.


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