10 Signs he’s a “F*ckboy”

Everyone in the 21st Century is familiar with the term “fuckboy” but we don’t necessarily know how to tell if someone is being a fuckboy or just plain stupid. While I’m no mind reader (I am a Psychologist tho) let’s get into the signs I think “fuckboys” exhibit.

  1. Meaningless conversations. Nothing makes sense about your conversations, it’s always about sex or something absolutely worthless.

2. He’s constantly begging for nudes.

3. He has no ambition and doesn’t talk about anything that will potentially grow him or you.

4. He says things like “Bros before hoes”. Omo he a fuckboy.

5. He talks trash about all his exes and how they acted crazy. Never has anything nice to say about them.

6. He makes judgemental comments about your appearance. How you need to wear more makeup or dress up more or how your natural face looks sick.

7. He says everything you want to hear just to get your back on the ground. You already know…he a fuckboy

8. His words and actions are direct opposites.

9. He never takes your call but when you guys are together, he’s always on the phone.

10. Last but not the least, he only calls you when its dark #bootycall

Now identify that fuckboy in your life and stay away from him! You’re Welcome!


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